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Greg Champy sent in a new autograph card he designed for Ron Troncatty. You can find it and lots more on the Ape-ographs page.
Thanks to Nick for pointing out some problems with the Marvel Apes magazine scans, I've corrected a couple of errors in a couple of files, and I've corrected the DPI settings for most of the issues. Some had incorrect DPI settings, which resulted in the images being really small (or huge) when viewed in Acrobat or printed. They should all print fairly consistently now. For the record, these issues have been updated: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 28, and 29. All had DPI issues. Issue 18 originally had a couple of repeated pages, and issue 22 had one page that was upside-down.

You can find the Marvel magazines in both PDF and CBZ formats on the Marvel magazines page.


Thanks to Harry Barnes, photographs of Italian Fotobusta Posters for Escape and Battle have been added to the Lobby Cards & Stills collection. The posters were too large to scan, but Harry's photos do them justice.

Escape Italian Fotobusta Posters
Battle Italian Fotobusta Posters

Harry also supplied the missing Spanish Lobby Card for Planet!

In January 2010, Michael Whitty and Neal Foster published The Forbidden Zine, which featured illustrated stories and articles. Thanks to them, electronic editions of that issue are now available on the page for The Forbidden Zine. The issue can be downloaded in PDF and CBZ formats.


Earlier this month, I posted the sheet music for the "Shopping" scene in Escape, contributed by Harry Barnes. I've just added a link to a YouTube video of Paul Hoffman performing the music on three keyboards. You can see the video on the sheet music page.


Now here's something you don't see everyday! In fact, I've never seen it before: sheet music for Escape from the Planet of the Apes! Thanks to Harry Barnes for the scans!

You can see and download the sheet music here.

Harry Barnes has contributed the French lobby cards for Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Seventeen of the eighteen cards are presented here, albeit with some damage to some of the cards. You can see the French lobby cards here.
Greg Champy sent in three new autograph cards he designed. These are signed by Lee Delano, Ron Harper, and James Naughton. The Naughton card may be unique: Naughton signed it as "Peter J. Burke"!! You can find the new cards on the Ape-ographs page.


Harry Barnes has contributed the final missing French still for Planet. You can see the French stills here.


Harry Barnes has contributed German stills for Planet, French lobby cards for Battle, and high-resolution scans of the French lobby cards for Conquest, which is a significant ugprade to the versions previously available here.

Photographer Joe Lay has submitted 63 more photos of dioramas he created using the NECA 7" Apes figures. As before, they were all so good that I had to post them all. Check them out here!
Dave Ballard contributed this great tribute to Roddy McDowall that he created over lunch one day in April 2017. You can find it on the Fan Art page.


Greg Champy has submitted six Planet of the Apes wallpaper images that he created. You can find them on the Wallpapers page.


Photographer Joe Lay has submitted 84 photos of dioramas he created using the NECA 7" Apes figures. They were all so good that I had to post them all. Check them out here!
Thanks to Greg Champy, autograph cards from Geoffrey Deuel, Felix Silla, and Kathleen Bracken have been added to the Autographs page.

2017-04-11 update: Two more have been added: David Sheiner and Tom Troupe.


Thanks to Manuel Borras Moreno, 19 more Apes wallpapers have been added to the site, including some celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original film.


Thanks to Harry Barnes, scans of the U.S. lobby cards for all of the original Planet of the Apes sequels have been added to the Lobby Cards & Stills page. The lobby cards for Planet were contributed a while back by Mark Talbot-Butler and Rory Monteith.
Thanks to Canadian fan Ernest Turriziani, a nifty Apes poster he created has been added to the Fan Artwork page. Click on the image to download a high-res version of the poster.
Thanks to Harry Barnes, scans of four Planet of the Apes TV series stills images that were available to members of the UK Apes Fan Club have been added to the UK Fan Club page.


Thanks to Harry Barnes, images of eleven international press books and press sheets have been added to the new International Press books and sheets page!



  • Back in August, I added all twenty-nine issues of the U.S. Marvel Planet of the Apes magazines from the 1970s. It was just brought to my attention that the PDF version of issue 13 was displayed as huge. It turns out that the DPI of the images was only 3 instead of the proper 150, resulting in a page size that was 12 feet wide! I have corrected that issue.

    You can download the magazines here.

  • More Russian book covers have been added to the Books page, courtesy of Dave Ballard.


Thanks to Harry Barnes, scans of six more international editions of Pierre Boulle's Planet of the Apes have been added to the Books page! There are a couple of really unusual covers in this lot. They've been added to the section with the previous covers Harry submitted.


I've replaced the software used for handling the pop-up images with new software called "Swipebox." It allows users on mobile devices to swipe left and right when viewing images. Let me know if you notice any problems with the feature.


  • Thanks to Greg Champy, more autographs have been added to the Autographs page. This collection includes several rather unusual autographs.



  • Thanks to Harry Barnes, I've created a page of Planet of the Apes stickers that were distributed with Terrabusi Chocolates in Spain. You can see them on the Stickers page.

    Update 11-MAR-2017: Neil Foster assembled the stickers into a complete image, which can also be found on the Stickers page now.

  • Bill Goodwin contributed a photo of himself in his homemade Apes prosthetics circa 1981. You can see it on the '70s Apes Kids page


Huge update to the Books page:

  • Thirteen more international covers contributed by Harry Barnes!
  • Brazilian book covers contributed by Saulo Adami
  • All of the recent releases from Titan Books

You can see all of the book cover scans that I have on the Books page


Mark Talbot-Butler has contributed scans of the cover and interior page of Look-In from the week ending January 11, 1975. Unfortunately, the "poster" is missing from his copy.

You can download a PDF or CBZ of the article from the Magazines page.


Collector Dave Mollard sent me photos of a few dozen international comics from his collection. He doesn't have a scanner, so he sent photos of his bagged comics. I spent time today turning them into something more presentable. The links on the International Comics page that were updated today contain Dave's contributions.


Thanks to Dave Ballard, John Roche, Dean Preston, and the rest of their crew, issue 19 of Simian Scrolls is now available for you to download and enjoy! Printed copies will be available for a nominal fee in a few weeks, for those who want one. Watch the pota and potadg Yahoo! groups for announcements.

View and Download issues of Simian Scrolls


Thanks to Manuel Borras Moreno, 20 more Apes wallpapers have been added to the site, including some celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original film.


Out now!! From Titan Books and editors Rich Handley and Jim Beard, Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone is a licensed anthology of stories about the entire classic Planet of the Apes universe. Featuring stories by Greg Keyes, Kevin J. Anderson, Nancy Collins, and more, the trade paperback can be found in bookstores everywhere. It can also currently be ordered from Amazon for only $9.68.

Order Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone from Amazon

You can download a high-res version of the cover here.


I've added a downloadable MP4 of Roddy's guest appearance on The Carol Burnett Show to the The Carol Burnett Show with Roddy McDowall.

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