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I've added a great, new photo from Geoff Ambrose to the '70s Apes kids page!


Several updates today, including:


Huge update this morning. Mark Talbot-Butler has contributed scans of 500 more photos from his enormous collection of Apes-related stills. These join the more than 100 he had previously contributed. For all 600+ scans, you can click on each one to view a larger version, and for most, you can also download a version in 300 DPI or higher resolution. I've added a link to Mark's Stills Collection to the "Movies & TV" dropdown menu.


I added fourteen more signed photos to the Autographs page. Thanks to Mark Talbot-Butler for the contributions!

Also from Mark, scans of Japanese flyers for the movies have been added to the Programs page.


I added two more signed photos to the Autographs page. Thanks to Manuel Borras Moreno for the contributions!

I also added a photo of the British Apes movie trading cards to the Cards page and some new/old merchandise ads to the Merchandise Ads page.


With Mark's permission, the Simian Arms website is now officially hosted here on pota.goatley.com. The subsite is dedicated to the various weapons and costumes from the Planet of the Apes. If you've never seen it, check it out!


Thanks to Ricardo Pablo Lopez, scans of the Spanish lobby cards for Beneath the Planet of the Apes have been added to the Spanish Lobby Cards page!


When this site was first launched back in 2003, few people had high-speed Internet access, so most of the PDFs on the site were split into multiple parts to ease downloading. Now that it's 10 years later and few people are still using modems, I've finally gotten around to assembling the multi-part PDFs into single PDFs. This affects the PDFs on the Scripts, Power Records, and Marvel UK Comics pages. I've also increased the size of the thumbnails on the Marvel UK Comics page, as well as added the ability to click on the cover thumbnails to view larger versions of the covers,


A new Planet of the Apes podcast is now in the works hosted by Hunter Goatley and Ernie Zahn in association with Hunter's POTA Archive and a new Arts and Entertainment site, All Kicker.

For more information, and to sign up to be a guest host for an episode, visit the following Google Docs link:

PotA Podcast Signup Form


Artist and writer Gary Chaloner has posted all four issues of the comic Planet of the Apes: Urchak's Folly on his website. Click here for links to the issues.


I'm trying an experiment. I've added a discussion forum to the site. Why? There are plenty of other discussion groups and Facebook pages, not to mention the Yahoo! groups. However, the recent Yahoo! redesign has made using their groups annoying. On top of that, I've decided that it would be nice to know what visitors think of the site or the materials available here. So I'm going to try the forum. We'll see how it comes to life, or if I pull the plug on it eventually. I hope it proves useful! You can find the forum here.


Thanks to the scanning efforts of Mark Talbot-Butler and the permission from Dave Ballard and John Roche, issues 7 through 16 of Simian Scrolls are now available for your viewing and downloading pleasure. This means that all seventeen issues of Simian Scrolls are now available for free.

View and Download issues of Simian Scrolls


Photos of various mutant concept pieces and prosthetics have been added to the Prosthetics page. These images were taken from various Profiles in History auctions over the past few years.


Thanks to Mark Talbot-Butler, the final UK lobby card for Planet of the Apes has been added to its siblings! You can view the UK lobby cards here. The last one is the previously-missing card.

I've started a new feature here, and all of you are welcome to contribute, if you can and would like to.

Photos of kids in the 1970s with their Apes collectibles!

If you have photos you'd like to add, just contact me.


Thanks to the generosity of publisher Terry Hoknes, most of the first 46 issues of his Apes Chronicles fanzine are now available for you to download for free in PDF format!

Visit the Ape Chronicles page to see the available issues.


Thanks to Don Reitsam, images of the Mego gumball machine figure stickers and necklace pendants have been added to the Collectibles page. You can also click on the images below to see larger versions.


JamesA1102 has contributed a 2013 Calendar to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Battle for the Planet of the Apes. You can download the calendar by clicking on the image or by clicking here. Thanks, James!


Thanks to E. Francis Kohler, the September 27, 1973, issue of Scholastic Scope has been added to the Magazines page. Thanks, Francis!


Thanks to Simian Scrolls producers John Roche and Dave Ballard, the new issue of Simian Scrolls, issue 17, is available for free as a PDF download! You can find it, along with the first six issues of Scrolls, on the Simian Scrolls page. Thanks, John and Dave!


JamesA1102 has contributed a 2012 Calendar to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. You can download the calendar by clicking on the image or by clicking here. Thanks, James!


  • Thanks to Lance Brick, a new vintage newspaper ad for Back to the Planet of the Apes (the re-edited TV series movies) has been added to the Apes Advertisements page.

  • Thanks to Terry Pace, more autographed images have been added to the Ape-ographs page. These include signed photos of Heston, Hunter, McDowall, and Harrison.

  • More Apes prosthetic pieces (chimp appliance, orangutan teeth, hands, Roddy's wig) from the collection of Dean Preston have been added to the Apes Prosthetics page.


Thanks to Dave Ballard, more scans of design sketches, both used and unused, for the Addar Apes models have been added to the Models Page.


I was just interviewed by Roberto Perrone on BBC Three Counties Radio! We talked about the Apes films and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which opens in the UK today. You can download an MP3 of the interview here.

Thanks to Roberto and Lee. It was fun!


Filmmaker and fellow Apes fan Sandy Collora, whose custom Mego-like Apes figures can be seen here, is using Kickstarter to try to raise money for his next film, Shallow Water. You can read more about the project and contribute here:

Shallow Water — A Monster Movie by Sandy Collora

Dave Ballard took the "Go Ape!" poster contributed by Dario back in March and cleaned it up by removing all the text except for the gorilla and the "Go Ape!" text. You can download the high-res file by clicking on the image to the left or by clicking here.
E. Francis Kohler and M. Harraway both sent me scans of a Planet of the Apes poster magazine published in the UK in 1974. High-res scans are available in both PDF and JPEG formats, or you can just view the pages by clicking on the image to the left or by clicking here.
M. Harraway sent these scans of Vulcan magazine, a UK-based fan magazine. You can download the PDF by clicking on the image to the left, or you can find other options on the Magazines page.


Dario Sciola sent this "Go Ape!" poster for an Ape-o-thon on Ottawa. The theater owner had an artist take a hi-res image of the "Go Ape!" poster and edit it to include the theater logo and showing dates. That high-res result is available for downloading—note that it's a 6MB file, so it'll take a while to download, but the resulting image is suitable for poster-size printing, if you know a local printer capable of printing such an image. Thanks Dario (and to the theater owner who gave him permission to share the file)!


Filmmaker and fellow Apes fan Sandy Collora has contributed photos of his custom Mego-style Apes figures. Check them out here!
Exhumed Films is holding a Go Ape! day in Philadelphia on July 31, 2011, with screenings of all five Apes films in 35mm. For details, click here.


JamesA1102 has contributed a 2011 Calendar to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Escape from the Planet of the Apes. You can download the calendar by clicking on the image or by clicking here.
Thanks to the efforts of M. Harraway, scans of the covers of the British videotape releases have been added to the site. For more information, visit the UK Apes Video page.

M. Harraway also contributed a signed photo of Lee Delano for the Apes Autographs page.

Scans of the UK paperback release of Pierre Boulle's Monkey Planet have been added to the Books page.

Here's an unusual find, again courtesy of M. Harraway: a poster for the UK Planet of the Apes Stage Shows! You can view the poster here.

More from Mr. Harraway will be added soon....


Thanks to someone who wishes to remain anonymous, scans of a photocopy of yet another Apes timeline has been added to the Magazines page. This timeline appeared in Comics Unlimited, a UK sci-fi/comics fanzine published in 1975 or 1976.

You can download the PDF or view the PDF.

Thanks to French Apes fan Olivier Moretti, his take on Galen has been added to the Fan Artwork page!
Thanks to French Apes fan Laurent Cleret, a PDF of the first issue of Marvel's Planete des Singes magazine is now available!

You can download the PDF or view the PDF.


Thanks to Greg Plonowski, a previously unknown version of Rod Serling's original script for Planet of the Apes is now available for download! This script is dated March 1, 1965. It can be found on the Scripts page. You can download the script or view the script online.


Thanks to Don Reitsam, photos of a plush Zaius toy still in its package and a Mego "Horse and Wagon and Catapult" box have been added to the Collectibles Page. Don also sent in photos of the Mego Bend 'N Flex figures still on their cards!
A new page of Fan Art has been created. The first contributions are from James Christopher.
Thanks to Rory Monteith, a flyer advertising the first release of Planet of the Apes on VHS has been added to the Apes Ads page.
Thanks to Michael Meyer, scans of an unused Addar model prototype have been added to the new Models Page.


Note: The files and images on this site are made available as a reference for fans. These items have not been commercially available for almost 30 years, if they were ever commercially available, and no profit is derived from this site. It is a fan-run site for entertainment purposes only. Planet of the Apes is owned and copyrighted by 20th Century Fox.


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