Original Apes Comics Art

Original Alfred Alcala art (contributed by Mark Graham)

Mark Graham contributed scans of these sheets of original Alfred Alcala art that he owns. Mark wrote, "They're Alfredo Alcala's original art for the Marvel adaptation of Conquest, issue 19, pages 34-36 respectively."

Thanks, Mark!

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Earl Norem Cover Artwork

A few sheets of Earl Norem's original cover art for the Marvel Apes magazines were auctioned on eBay in 2013. These images were taken from the auction listings.

Marvel PotA #8

Marvel PotA #22

Marvel PotA #28

Marvel Adventures #9

In January 2015, another Earl Norem piece was posted on eBay. This was the accompanying text for the auction.

Never before offered for public sale, this auction is for a finished pencil used to produce the cover of the December 1976 #11 issue of PLANET OF THE APES Marvel Comics entitled FOR APE AND MANKIND IT'S THE FINAL CHAPTER?! There's a bit of a mystery here...Earl submitted this pencil during his long association with Marvel. The majority of Earl's work were cover paintings for Marvel comics and books. Earl explained that on rare occasions he was heavily involved in another project and could only create the concept pencil design. However, he is not listed nor given credit for the cover art in this comic issue. Perhaps an oversight as comic production was constantly under the gun to meet deadlines. Another possibility is that it was more affordable for Marvel to produce the cover this way rather than paying for a detailed painting. Anyway, this is a great image featuring profiles of a snarling Charlton Heston and an angry Ape. I have included a scan of the published comic for reference only. It is not included in this auction.

The paper measures 11 x 19 inches. The image measures 10 x 11. The art is signed.

Marvel Adventures #11

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