1970s Planet of the Apes Kids

Being an Apes kid in the 1970s....

The early- to mid-1970s were a great time to be a kid who was into Planet of the Apes. Once the TV series happened, the Apes-related merchandise was everywhere! Of course, most kids could only dream of having it all, but many of us had some of it, even if it was only the trading cards.

This page features photos of us 1970s kids with our Apes collectibles. If you have photos you'd like to contribute, just let me know!

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Jon Mackenzie

Added April 1, 2020

Jon Mackenzie sent these photos in, with this description:

As a child growing up in London, England in the early '70s I was obsessed with the films and the new TV series. At the time I painted a huge oil portrait of Galen, sadly left behind in a garage. I also made my own prosthetics in 1974 using meltable rubber beads intended for making candle moulds etc. I still remember the atmosphere when my mum discovered her saucepans caked in thick rubber.

I and the mask survive to this day. It was intended for a super 8 movie to be shot by my friend Ian Chivers. I had the creative juice but he had the Bolex and it just never happened.

I did make this Polaroid 'screentest' at the time, attached together with a more recent photo montage tribute.

Thanks, Jon!

Bill Goodwin

Bill Goodwin and his homemade prosthetics, circa 1981.

Tom Schuett

Ogb Entertainment and Mark Fikes

Tim Parati

From Tim Parati:

My collection [from the '70s] and me in my Don Post mask that I saved up for!!

Scott M. Hathaway

From Scott Hathaway:

Here are some photos from my childhood for the 70's Apes Kids Page. The first one shows the treehouse and Colorforms. The second shows blow-up Zaius and soldier (Urko, Ursus, Aldo?) and the treehouse in the background. The third shows me holding my soldier doll while looking at my sister open a present.

Mark Graham

From Mark Graham:

I'm attaching a photo of myself from a promotion for the TV show at Hess's department store in Allentown, PA, circa 1974.

Geoff Ambrose (Australia)

From Geoff Ambrose:

The attached photo was taken when my family drove across the Nullarbor Plane from Melbourne to Perth in around 1975. I would be surprised if my two sisters, my brother and I didnt set some sort of record for the longest distance travelled overland in POTA masks: some 3,500 kilometres (2,200 miles).

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Hunter Goatley

1974-12-25 with Cornelius model

1975-12-25 with Zaius & Zira Megos

John Davis

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