Escape from the Planet of the Apes
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armondo tells caeser about the plague that killed domestic pets

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Armondo is questioned

under suspision of knowing about the talking ape, armondo is questioned by the governor

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armondo is ultimately tricked into telling the truth about caesar. attempting to escape, armondo falls to his death

Caesar plots revenge

after learning of armondo's death, ceasar plots his revenge. Caesar gets apes to start gathering weapons, and begins tha ape training

Caesar admits identity

feeling trust for mcdonald, caesar admits his identity to him, and confides in him his plan to revolt. mcdonald allows caesar to escape

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The shocking conclusion of "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" will not be revealed in any timeline.

The Cast
Roddy McDowall

roddy mcdowall

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Ricardo Montalban

ricardo montalban

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Natalie Trundy

natalie trundy

Guards beating an ape

caesar witnesses guards beating an ape and accidentally yells out at the guards

Caesar is auctioned

ceasar hides among the apes at the training center and is auctioned off to governor breck who allows him to choose his name

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Repressive measures against the apes

in reaction to rising ape resentment, breck orders repressive measures against the ape

knowing the true identity of caesar, breck orders mcdonald to bring in caesar for questioning

caesar is caught, and tortured until he speaks. caesar escapes execution and leads his ape army to central city to battle

Don Murray

don murray

Hari Rhodes

hari rhodes

To Battle for the Planet of the Apes