Escape from the Planet of the Apes
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Ship lands in California

ship lands off california coast apes emerge from ship

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Zira is tested

zira is tested for intellegence level

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zira and cornelius tell dr. dixon about the destruction of the earth

Committee makes decision

after further investigation, the committee decides to abort ziras unborn chimp baby, and render the apes unable to reproduce

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Zira gives birth

cornelius and zira find refuge in a traveling circus where zira gives birth to a baby chimp

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The shocking conclusion of "Escape From the Planet of the Apes" will not be revealed in any timeline.

The Cast
Roddy McDowall

roddy mcdowall

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Bradford Dillman

bradford dillman

Ricardo Montalban

ricardo montalban

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Apes are taken to the zoo

the 3 apes are taken to the zoo where they are fed and observed

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The committee

apes appear in front of a judicial committee

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Cornelius goes shopping

cornelius and zira check into a hotel and go shopping

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angered by the committees decision zira and cornelius escape with the help of dr. dixon and dr. branton

while trying to escape cornelius and zira and the baby are shot and killed by the army

Kim Hunter

kim hunter

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Natalie Trundy

natalie trundy

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