Planet of the Apes: Ultimate Marvel Edition

Contributed by Rich Handley

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Thanks to the efforts of Rich Handley, this page contains PDF files of the "Ultimate Editions" of the Marvel Planet of the Apes comic stories. Rich explains:

My goal was to put together a version of each story that contains everything from the U.S. monthly series, the U.K. weekly series and the colorized Adventures line (which expanded a few panels beyond how they appeared in the black-and-white versions), in order to create as complete a version of each tale as possible--every panel, every text page, every re-cap splash page, etc. There is some redundancy and clunkiness at times, but that was unavoidable.

Look for a new issue approximately every week.


Planet of the Apes Film Adaptation

Terror on the Planet of the Apes

Evolution's Nightmare

Apeslayer Saga, 8 chapters

Unpublished stories

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