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Video by Darren Stockford

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Memorabilia 2007 On the weekend of 31 March / 1 April 2007, Memorabilia---a TV/movie collectors' fair held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK---hosted signings by Planet Of The Apes stars Linda Harrison and Buck Kartalian, plus a collection of props and appliances courtesy of Les Hemstock. This 10-minute film captures the event.

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Note: Les Hemstock plans to produce an "official" video documenting the Memorabilia 2007 show, including interviews conducted at the show and other goodies! More information will be posted as it becomes available.

NEW!!! Thanks to Rob Reading and Darren Stockford, a video recording of the 37-minute interview with Linda Harrison and Buck Kartalian from Memorabilia 2007 is now available! Choose your desired format below.

Memorabilia 2007 Hemstock article
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The Videos

Darren Stockford's 10-minute Memorabilia 2007 Overview Video

Interview with Linda Harrison and Buck Kartalian

Memorabilia 2007 Photo Slideshow

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