Planet of the Apes Pressbooks and Kits

Movie Pressbooks

Planet Pressbook
Contributed by Tim Parati

Beneath pressbook
Contributed by JamesA1102

Escape pressbook
Contributed by JamesA1102

Conquest Pressbook
Contributed by JamesA1102

Battle pressbook
Contributed by JamesA1102

Go Ape! pressbook
Contributed by JamesA1102

The Planet of the Apes Pressbooks feature ads and promotional material to be used by the press.

Click on the images above or the links below to view each movie's pressbook. High-resolution scans can be downloaded from each individual image page.

Planet of the Apes Home Video Press Kits


Chris Lawless sent me two press kits for the Planet of the Apes VHS and DVD releases from 1998 and 2000. The press kits include information about each movie, trivia, etc. The 1998 press kit also includes information about the AMC airing of the Apes films.

Click on the images to the left to view each press kit, or choose the 1998 AMC/30th Anniversary VHS kit. or the 2000 Evolution DVD kit, You can also choose to download 150 dpi PDF versions of each:


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