The Florida Coast

A.D. 1972

Astronauts Taylor, Dodge, Stewart and Landon are launched on the first Interstellar Exploration flight.

A.D. 1972

Astronauts "Skipper" and Brent (and possibly two others) are launched along same flight path as previous vessel, to probe its unexplained disappearance from detection.

The California Coast

A.D. 1973

The first capsule reappears mysteriously, within nearby space. It lands off the California coast, slightly north of San Clemente, and is met by mobilized US Navy Spaceflight Recovery crew. Capsule is found to be piloted by Drs. Cornelius, Zira, and Milo. Events of ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES begin.

Those events conclude with the birth of baby Milo and the murders of Zira and Cornelius. Milo begins his long education under Armando's care.

A.D. 1973-1981

Eight complex years marked by contradictory development of two aspects of society. Space exploration expands. Unmanned probes range to the stars and back (discovery of Faster-than-light drive) and manned flights over great distances are becoming more common. At the same time, however, the governments on Earth are growing more totalitarian in order to cope with increasing economic, political, and energy pressures. All information concerning the two lost spaceships and the secrets of the future revealed by Zira and Cornelius is locked away under heavy security clearance. Few are allowed access to it. Publicly it is spread that the two talking chimpanzees were a hoax, and nothing more. "Caesar" given to Milo by Armando.

A.D. 1981

Caesar, aged 8, begins his bareback-riding acrobatics with Armando's circus. (With political repression the smaller circuses have been forced to play to dwindling country audiences, thus helping Caesar avoid dangerous publicity.)

A.D. 1982

It is in this period that the repercussions of the Plague begins to be felt. Humans, to replace their lost pets, turn to keeping small primates, birds, lizards, ect. The primates are found to be the most useful and gradually became the most common household animal. Gradually larger and larger ones are taken in. In a generation of primates the Plague's genetic effects show themselves: stature increases and so does intelligence in the larger orders. The Government increases to be more and more authoritarian. A reverse migration of people from suburbs into cities results in large towns becoming almost feudal forts surrounded by farmlands; the "provinces". Pollution in many areas brought under control. A massive air purification plant in the Rockies keeps California air perfectly clean.

However, with this increase in governmental structure a slave class is developed. Ape management incorporated as a Semi-Public branch of the Government in 1986, with their only task rudimentary conditioning. By 1991 they are a monolith, now wholly government operated, with a wider range of responsibilities. Their training and day-to-day life with humans brings on an acceleration in the mental development of the apes.

A.D. 1991

Armando decides that Caesar, now nearly eighteen and an accomplished performer, is old enough to see the truth of the Ape Condition. He brings the circus in to play at an unnamed city on the West Coast, very likely San Francisco (judging from interior data.) Events of CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES begin.

Eighteen years after his birth Caesar comes of age at the head of the Ape Rebellion.

A.D. 1991-1992

Caesar leads his people from the city into the "Provinces." In this case, the San Francisco peninsula. Here Caesar attempts to build a home for his people with the aid of a few humans advisors. Massive educational programs within the community. They face little harassment because, elsewhere in the country and perhaps the world, the apes rebellion is spreading. The government's breakdown has begun and it can not police itself as in the past......





A.D. 1992

NUCLEAR WAR: The work of a single madman. International political pressure. Some country taking advantage of the US governmental paralysis. It is swift and effective. Laser defense ABM systems prevent war from utterly destroying life. Major cities bombed but surrounding areas liveable-to a certain degree.

A.D. 1992 - 2001

The human population that remains is in a state of shock. There is little or no communication over great distances, so Caesar's community, now completely isolated, accepts the survivors in its area and a new ape/human society begins to grow. Despite Caesar's wishes humans become, effectively, second class citizens, and apes cultural divisions begin to develop. Aldo declares himself General and begins to train an "army" of gorillas. In 1995, Caesar's son by Lisa is born, and named Cornelius.

During this time residual radiation is having its effect on both humans and apes. The Plague-altered genes of the apes increase their already rapid intellectual development, in some cases (e.g., Virgil and Mandemus) incredibly so. The humans tend to be more docile, less given to action when angered. It is not clear at this time whether that is a radiation effect of just living with the evolved apes, the weakest of whom could trash the average human.

Meanwhile another branch of the humanity is developing; the one that survived the war but stayed in the cities- The Mutants. Inspector Kolp has taken over in the remains of San Francisco and runs a scavenger city full of repressed hate.

A.D. 2001

The events of BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES begin and conclude. The humans win a slight ideological victory and temporary equal status with the apes. Kolp, Aldo and young Cornelius die.

A.D. 2001- 2038

This, the first Ape City, grows. Caesar rules benevolently and well but human position continues to erode, seemingly without solution. Lisa dies in A.D 2038

The Forbidden Zone begins to become a real danger as animal and plant mutations get out of hand. In the city of San Francisco, the mutants are splitting into factions under the leadership of Mendez and the beginning destined Become One of the Gestalt mind.

A.D. 2040

The Ape-Human Council begins.

Caesar dies, at 67. Not survived by Children, his rule is turned over to a council of apes and humans under the leadership of a particularly well-respected orangutan. Both he and the office are christened "Ape-Human Council."

A.D. 2040 - 2052

Conditions between ape and human get worse, While educational programs maintain that there is no difference, human labor under an aura of inferiority. Voluntarily they tend to withdraw from active participation in the council and draw themselves into a community-within-the-community, separated by a river from the apes. It is only partially a ghetto. The level of culture is falling.

The New York Coast

A.D. 2070

In the city, the mutant faction have gone into war with one another, Be-One winning out. Mendez and his loyal followers manage to escape into trans-national transport tubes with the Alpha-Omega device and work their way towards an unknown new home.

In this period Mendez and his mutant group have reached New York City and established themselves there. Mixture of their bloodline with local mutants begins to produce a new breed with telepathic powers, and finding new religious significance in the Alpha-Omega device.

A.D. 2750

The Lawgiver of New York Region writes the Sacred Scrolls and their rather unflattering portrait of Humanity.

A.D. 3085

The Ape City near New York City becomes isolated in this period. it was not a colony of the first Ape City but developed independently, and therefore does not have an historical record that accurately chronicles the west coast developments.

A.D. 3085 - 3955

The fall of mankind is complete. Approximately 3400 A.D., the combination of radiation deterioration and general demoralization succeeds in wiping the minds from humankind. They are forced away from ape cities as unproductive and useless animals and begin to live in the forests, wild. Late in this period humans begin to be used as experimental animals and entertaining hunting diversions for the gorillas. A certain instinctual pattern remains in the people but it is less than successful.

A.D. 3955

The first-launched space capsule, containing the three surviving males and one dead female astronaut, crashes in inland lake somewhere in the area south of what was Long Island in our time. (Land masses have shifted so that it is no longer ocean.) Space Craft instruments are damaged upon impact, the date meter misreads as 3978 A.D. Events of PLANET OF THE APES begin.

A.D. 3955

Ape City is awash with political undercurrents. Zaius has succeeded in quashing the ripples caused by Taylor's appearance and abilities, but General Ursus' campaigning for war is beyond his control. Several scouts are lost near the Forbidden City not long after Taylor disappears, and now war is on. There is also a chimpanzee political undercurrent-and while pretending to go along with Zaius Cornelius and Zira have secretly been aiding the genius chimpanzee Dr. Milo in his studies of the rescued space capsule, the one Taylor had arrived in. He is analyzing it and attempting to repair it to ready it for flight. They plan to use it as the kind of traumatic evidence they feel Ape City needs to escape total loss of the light of Truth.

A.D. 3955

Brent's ship lands. "Skipper" and other astronauts lost in crash. Events of BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES begin as Brent encounters Nova and Ape City in his search for Taylor.

Brent's arrival plus two days: THE END, as the Alpha-Omega Bomb originally stored in the vaults of San Francisco missile-complex and cherished by 26 generations of the house of Mendez is exploded while in St. Patrick's Cathedral, in New York City. The end of everything; a catalytic reaction spreads across the globe, shock wave of blast strikes space capsule with Milo, Cornelius, and Zira just as it approaches orbit, and manages to cast it back into the past to....

A.D. 1973