Planet of the Apes TV Series Cards

Australian wrapper courtesy of Martin Harris

Click on a card to view a larger version of that card, then follow the "prev" and "next" links to move through the cards. Each card page displays the front and the back of that particular card.

Note that this is a much-loved, much-carefully-viewed set of cards from 1975. Some of the borders show a bit of wear.

Care was taken to show the cards as they were issued. The cheap manufacturing of the cards resulted in many cards that were improperly cut, making some of the images crooked. When trimming these images, I trimmed based on the original card shapes, not necessarily on the image itself.



The backs of the cards were puzzle pieces that, when assembled, produced 9 different images, Puzzle A through Puzzle I. The assembled puzzles are reproduced below. Note that due to variances when the cards were cut, not all of the images are complete.

Puzzle B
Puzzle C
Puzzle D
Puzzle E
Puzzle H
Puzzle I
Puzzle A
Puzzle F
Puzzle G

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