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Weta Workshop

Weta is best-known as the special effects company responsible for the effects work in the new Planet of the Apes films, as well as Peter Jackson's King Kong and the Lord of the Rings films, and many, many more. Their work is outstanding.

Weta Workshop is a branch of Weta that does design and manufacturing for various films. They also offer film-related collectibles, replica props, costume replicas, jewelry, and more.

Last year, Weta Workshop rolled out a number of Planet of the Apes collectibles related to both the original films and the new trilogy. You can see the products below. To see many more photos of the items and to order any of them, you can visit the Weta Workshop website.

Click on each image to view a larger version, or click the link to go to the corresponding Weta Workshop page.

General Ursus 1:6 Scale Figure

This incredible statue of General Ursus was sculpted by Weta Workshop artists Jane Wenley and Brigitte Wuest. It's a 1:6 scale polystone statue with a faux-bronze finish. The statue is a limited edition of 500.

General Ursus statue at Weta Workshop

Apes Through the Ages

This amazing statue based on Mount Rushmore features eight of the most iconic apes from the Planet of the Apes films. This miniature polystone statue was originally sculpted by incredible statue of General Ursus was sculpted by Weta Workshop artists Mauro Santini and Steven Saunders. The apes featured are Ursus, Zaius, Zira, Cornelius, Maurice, Caesar, Rocket, and Luca.

I love the idea and the execution of this piece! Click the image to see lots of closeup images of the various apes.


The Mini-Epics are vinyl figures based on designs by Weta Workshop 3D sculptor Mauro Santini. There are three figures from the original films—Zaius, Cornelius, and Zira— and three figures from the newer films—Caesar, Koba, and Maurice.

Mini-Epics: Dr. Zaius
Mini-Epics: Cornelius
Mini-Epics: Zira

Mini-Epics: Caesar
Mini-Epics: Koba
Mini-Epics: Maurice

Cornelius and Zaius at Comic Con


Weta Workshop also has two Planet of the Apes T-shirts for sale.

50 Years Statue of Liberty T-shirt

Selfie T-shirt

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