Planet of the Apes groups on Yahoo!

Long before Facebook existed, Planet of the Apes fans gathered together in various groups on Yahoo! Groups. At times very tumultuous, the groups still provided a home for discussions of all things Apes. Participants included some of the biggest names in Apes fandom.

Starting in November 2019, Yahoo! shutdown its groups, converting them to simply mailing lists. The archives of thousands of messages, thousands of photos, and thousands of files vanished from Yahoo!

Before that happened, I was able to save all of that data for the two largest groups, pota and PotaDG. You can now browse the thousands of messages, files, and photos from both groups using the links below.

Note that Yahoo! sometimes included ads in posts, while other people didn't know how to properly quote messages to which they were replying, while still others included ginormous disclaimers in their messages. These messages are presented as Yahoo! stored them. I have not attempted to edit the messages or remove junk. You will also find broken links and images that no longer load.

Also note that no attempt was made to further organize or rename the files and photos. What you see is how it was stored on Yahoo!

And now, return to those thrilling moments of yesteryear!

The pota group at Yahoo!

The PotaDG group at Yahoo!

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