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Welcome to Simian Arms. A website dedicated to the Planet of the Apes. Within these pages you will find props and costumes that captured our imaginations and made us believe that some day apes would conquer the world. You'll also find information and pictures from the Planet of the Apes series, provided to me from various collectors from around the country. Thanks to everyone who helped.

As you can see, Iím finally doing a long overdue overhaul to this site. A lot has changed from the first site. Be aware that most of these pages are graphics intensive and may take awhile to load up on slower connections. Sorry about that, but I wanted to provide fans with the best reference and images possible.

Enter the site and enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write me at I am always happy to hear from other fans. If you are in possession of a Planet of the Apes prop and wouldn't mind sharing it with other fans, please email me a photo and a description of the prop and I will add it to this site.

All Planet of the Apes images are property of 20th Century Fox and APJAC Productions.No rights are granted or implied. This website is a fan site only. Not for profit, but because of a passion that sparked when I was a kid and still lives today!