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Here it is folks. The ORIGINAL Lawgiver statue as seen in the Planet of the Apes, Beneath the Planet of the Apes and numerous publicity stills apes films. This statue is actually one of two original statues created for Planet (as with all major props for a film there is always a backup made just in case something happens to the original). The thing that is most special about this statue in particular is that this statue came from the personal collection of Arthur P. Jacobs. The current owner of this Lawgiver purchased the statue directly from Natalie Trundy, the surviving spouse of Arthur P. Jacobs. This was the only item Arthur wanted from the movie and it sat in his garden for years. Eventually Natalie put it up for sale and it was acquired from her by it's current owner. I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner and can say that this prop is awesome!

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