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On August 19, 1973, Roddy McDowall participated in a fundraiser at the Hollywood Bowl called A Shakespeare Cabaret to benefit the Los Angeles Free Shakespeare Festival. Roddy performed in full Planet of the Apes makeup! Other participants included Alice Cooper, Jean Simmons, and Jean Stapleton, which led to, IMO, one of the greatest photos ever taken.

I recently found a much-improved version of the image, along with ten photos of Roddy and Jean Simmons that I'd never seen before. For all of the images from the night that I've found, along with newspaper clippings about the event, check out A Shakespeare Cabaret!


Toronto-area fan Brian Brady sent in some great Apes poster images he created for fun. You can find them on the Brady Posters page.

Thanks, Brian!


Thanks to Harry Barnes, scans of four Planet of the Apes coloring books from Finland have been added to the Coloring Books page!

Harry also contributed these new scans:

Thanks, Harry!


Here's some very sad news to report. Huge Apes fan Angela May Rushmere died in December 2019. This post is from the "Talking Apes TV" Facebook page:

ANGELA RUSHMERE UPDATE: As many know Angela had gone missing from the Ape community a few months ago. Thanks to Patrick Izzo who went digging, he had found a friend of hers who relayed the sad news that Angela had passed away.

From Cam McTeer - I Have known Ang for @ 30 yrs....wow. That long..... Any ways after two messages today.. Ang's husband has not been able to find pass codes to all her accounts on FB.... He's so lost. Ang had a heart attack in her sleep end of Dec 2019... She has been cremated. Her ashes will be spread, with her parents June 6, 2020... there was nothing printed up at the crematorium. I don't kniw anything else as if right now... I am trying to get a hold of her husband who seems to have gone AWOL on my me right now....missing my friend?????? she was living beautiful person & not a ghost as I have heard her described as... Or an alias that was her real name but she was also very private about a lot of things...

Angela was a frequent poster on the various Apes Facebook pages. She was also a contributor to the Archive, sending in scans of the 2014 BlackSparrow Auction catalog.

Rest in peace, Angela.


Sometime in the mid-2000s, the Planet of the Apes TV series was released on DVD in Japan as a special collectible set with a case shaped like the ship from the first episode (commonly called "Icarus," though this name is never mentioned in the films or series). The set also included a really nice color booklet.

Thanks to Rob Reading, high-quality scans of the Japanese DVD booklet are now available for your viewing pleasure.

You can find them on Japanese ship DVD page.

Also thanks to Rob Reading, a number of stills of Kim Hunter at home have been added ot the Lobby Cards & Stills page. There are several photos of Kim at home, as well as a few photos of Kim in other acting roles.

Thanks, Rob!

You can find them on the Kim Hunter Stills page.


Thanks to Dave Ballard, John Roche, Dean Preston, and the rest of their crew, issue 21 of Simian Scrolls is now available for you to download and enjoy!

Printed copies will be available...someday. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unknown exactly when printed copies can be done. This electronic edition is only coming out now because of lucky circumstances and Dave's hard work.

View and Download issues of Simian Scrolls



Harry Barnes recently acquired the Japanese Laserdisc Planet of the Apes box set, which included Laserdiscs of all five films! He has graciously contributed photos of the box, the booklet, and the sleeves.

You can see them here:

The Japanese Laserdisc Box Set

Other Laserdiscs can be seen here:

Planet of the Apes Laserdiscs

Thanks, Harry!


The Yahoo! Groups pota and PotaDG were two of the oldest and largest Planet of the Apes discussion communities on the 'net for many years. In December 2019, Yahoo! effectively shut down the groups, deleting all of the messages, files, and photos. Before that happened, I was able to grab all of that data, and now it's all available for your browsing pleasure.

More details can be found here:

The Yahoo! Groups pota and PotaDG

I've also added a "Top" button to the pages throughout the site. When you scroll down a page, you'll now find a red "Top" button in the lower-right corner. Clicking that button will take you back to the top of that page.


'70s kid Jon Mackenzie sent in a couple of shots, including this one of his homemade prosthetics from back in the day! You can see the photos and read his story on the '70s Apes Kids page! Thanks, Jon!


Thanks to Harry Barnes, more international items have been added to the archive!

Artist Jay Rogers has contributed the last four of his acrylic paintings recreating the Marvel comics covers. You can see his paintings here.

Thanks, Jay! You did amazing work!

Neil Foster contributed scans of Apes content from two issues of Movie News, an Australian magazine from 1968! You can find them at the top of the Magazines page.

Thanks, Neil!


Thanks to Harry Barnes, more international items have been added to the archive!

Robert VanPelt sent in high-res photos of a 1980 promotional pamphlet that ABC put together for the five TV movies made from the TV series episodes. This book was put together in 1980 for the ABC-owned stations.

ABC TV Movies promo book – 1980

You can view the pages individually, and you can also download CBZ and PDF files.


Now here's something new to most Apes fans! After years of diligence, Rich Handley finally tracked down and acquired six Planet of the Apes comics published in Indonesia! He worked with a friend to translate them to English and relettered them. You can now download all six issues in both CBZ and PDF formats!

Indonesian Planet of the Apes comics

Thanks, Rich!


Mark Talbot-Butler has contributed 130 new, high-resolution scans of Apes stills! This brings the total number of images in Mark's gallery of Apes stills to 2,865!

You can see all of the stills on the Planet of the Apes Stills Page, or you can check out the new pages for each group:

Thanks, Mark!

Harry Barnes sent in a scans of a UK press sheet for Planet of the Apes. You can see it on the International Press Books page


Artist Jay Rogers has contributed five more of his acrylic paintings recreating the Marvel comics covers. You can see his paintings here.

Be sure to check out the links to Jay's other work, too!


In celebration of Kim Hunter's birthday today (November 12, 1922), here's a great sketch of Zira that Lori commissioned from cartoon artist Patrick Owsley! Check out the sketch and a brief video here. Thank you, Lori!


Beloved Apes actor Roddy McDowall died on October 3, 1998. In honor of Roddy, we have a special treat today from Lori! She recently attended the first-ever Open House of the MPTF retirement center, which is home to the Roddy McDowall Rose Garden. The centerpiece of the garden is the actual Caesar statue from Battle for the Planet of the Apes.

Lori was able to take same fantastic photos of the rose garden, which you can see on the Roddy McDowall Rose Garden page. Thank you, Lori!


Harry Barnes sent in scans of all of the Planet of the Apes novels and novelizations released in Japan! You can see them on the Book Covers page
Lori contributed these great scans of some great glossy stills. Some are autographed. You can see Lori's stills here.
Thanks to Lori, some Apes-related excerpts from some library books published since 2000 have been added to the Magazines page. They're available in both PDF and CBZ formats.
Thanks to Lori, more Apes-related excerpts from some various magazines have been added to the Magazines page. New additions are:

  • Screen Stories (July 1971)
  • Model & Toy #38 (Winter 1997)
  • Filmfax #74 (August-September 1999)
  • Scarlet Street #33 (1999)
  • Video Watchdog #67 (January 2001)
  • Chiller Theatre #15 (2001)
  • Cinefantastique (August 2001)
  • Video Watchdog #156 (May-June 2010)
  • Planet of the Apes #1, Malibu Graphics (1990) (just the article)

They're all available in both PDF and CBZ formats.


Artist Jay Rogers has contributed four more of his acrylic paintings recreating the Marvel comics covers. You can see his paintings here.

Be sure to check out the links to Jay's other work, too!


In addition to the Operation: Ape Revival campaign, Lori tried writing to several entities in 1975 looking for a Planet of the Apes Fan Club. She actually received written replies from:

  • Producer Stan Hough
  • SRS Merchandising
  • Marvel Comics Group

Scans of her letters have been added to the Operation: Ape Revival page.


Here's something I doubt many of us have ever seen! I had never heard about it until Lori sent these images. After the TV series was cancelled, there was a letter-writing campaign mounted to save the show. The campaign was called Operation: Ape Revival, and thanks to Lori, scans of the letter sent to would-be letter-writers are now available for your viewing pleasure!

Operation: Ape Revival

Thanks to Lori, scans from The Simpsons Songbook are available for the songs "Dr. Zaius" and "Chimpan A To Chimpan Z." These songs were featured in the "A Fish Called Selma" episode of The Simpsons.

Apes songs from The Simpsons Songbook

I've upgraded the scans of several magazine articles from 150 DPI to 300 DPI. You can find those on the Magazines page. The updated files are identified by the date "2019-07-27" under the descriptions.

I also upgraded the PDF version of the Gold Key adaptation of Beneath the Planet of the Apes. New 300-DPI PDF and CBZ files can be downloaded from the Gold Key Beneath page.

To see previous updates:


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