Dave Ballard's Models, Kits, and Statues
Dave "Dream-maker" Ballard (per John Roche) enjoys painting and customizing models, model kits, and statues. He has an amazing collection of Apes-related statues, all of which he painted, and some of which he customized.

Click on the images below to see pages devoted to each piece, along with details and Dave's notes about each.

If you have any additional info about these kits, questions about them, or even other kits for sale, you can contact Dave via his Facebook page.

If you have kits you've painted and would like to share photos of them, you can contact me via email.

Finally, there are a lot of other models and kits out there. Bucwheat has a nice gallery of models and kits on their page Spotlight On... Planet of the Apes!

Deadeye the Bounty Hunter

Cornelius from Escape

Cornelius (Apemania)

Dr. Zaius (Apemania)

Julius (Apemania)

Zira (Apemania)

Dr. Milo (Apemania)

Addar Models

Andrea Miniatures

Weta's General Ursus

Gorilla General


Ape Conqueror

Mutant Leader

Mystery Statue


Koba models from Gillman and KillerKits

Addar Superscenes

Crooked Dice gaming figures

ANSA Spacecraft

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